Shredual Frustration

Posted: 01/10/2010 in Uncategorized

Forum premiere rolls into London 30.9.10

I feel like a kid, being falsely lured into Christmas three months early. September came, Back to School flew past, and now we’re in this no-man’s land until winter. For the kids it’s the supermarkets telling them Christmas is the next thing to look forward to, but they’ve got to put up with three months of school until they get the latest games console. For me, it’s the snowboard industry telling me I’ve got to put up with three more months of this grimy English ‘autumn’ before I can get a sniff of a powder fix. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving every second of this build up to the new winter, but for some reason this year I’m itching even more than usual. I’m shredually frustrated.

This time last year I was in New Zealand, enjoying spring shreds in the sunshine and freak Queenstown dumps. This time this year I’m standing at the cold Croydon bus stop, counting down the days until my first shred trip. But what’s different this year is that I’m getting teased. Two absolutely epic snow magazines have landed in my fingertips, endowed with pictures of fluffy white places. And three snow premieres have hit London’s big screens, offering not only drool-worthy snow movies for our viewing pleasure, but also standardly amazing after parties, all sponsored by energy beverages meaning your sugar-filled hangover feels that bit worse on the comedown the next day. Snow centres are boasting comps, board tests and brand-sponsored nights, while the stores are getting in this season’s better-than-last-year boards, boots and clothing. Then there’s the Relentless Freeze Festival and Metro Show in the very-near lineup.


But for us in London, winter is just that bit far out of my reach. It’s a lost season, a false sense of security, but in some ways it’s exciting. A reflection on how much winter means to some of us, and looking back on good times with riding buddies. And unlike Christmas songs, we can’t overplay snow movies, or over-read the mags, or attach ourselves to our boards in the living room too many times. It just reminds us that winter is coming, and we’ve just got to stop scratching til it comes our way.